Huffington Post Writer Calls for Flash Movie

Though most eyes have been on Metropolis this weekend, a long-time Justice League fan has his sights set on Central City, home of the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash. Columnist Mike Ryan, a Senior Entertainment Writer at the Huffington Post, believes that DC should be taking (very quick) steps toward putting The Flash on the big screen as a lead up to the eventual Justice League film, and gives readers extensive reason why.

Ryan’s (well-made) argument centers around the use of Iron Man by the folks over at Marvel. A B-List character, Iron Man was lesser known to the non-comic-book-reading community until his appearance in the 2008 movie and his portrayal by Robert Downey Jr.. In the same way, argues Ryan, The Flash is perhaps less well-known, but could be the driving force behind the unification of a world of superheroes, much like Iron Man was for The Avengers.

Ryan’s article comes at an appropriate time, with rumors of a new Batman franchise circulating, and of course, the success of Man of Steel. Its success, if you will recall, was what the Justice League movie was hinging on, and for that mater, the entire DC Cinematic Universe. Read the article below, and see if you agree with Mr. Ryan’s argument (not to mention the person to whom he suggests Warner Bros. gives the role). Agree? Disagree? Tell us in the comments below.

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