ARROW: Caity Lotz Will Play As Black Canary

The Pact star, Caity Lotz, will play as Black Canary on Arrow. Click the jump to see more.

Dinah Drake who is also known as her alter ego, Black Canary is one of the most celebrated heroines in the DC 250px-Green_Arrow_and_Black_Canary_1Universe. She is also known for her relationship with Oliver Queen as Green Arrow in the comic books as both romantic and professional. Caity Lotz makes a perfect actress for the part of Black Canary.

Caity Lotz is known for her work on The Pact, MTV‘s Death Valley, and her appearances on Mad Men. Lotz does most of her own stunts, which is great choice by the show to have her play as Black Canary. Especially since Black Canary is a well known hand-to-hand combatant.  Stephen Amell does some of his own stunts on the show as well, so the two should have a nice orchestrated action sequences together on Arrow.

black canary

As far as Black Canary’s meta-human abilities are concerned, in which the character is able to project her voice in a screech that can deafen people. It’s not so realistic to show Black Canary use her voice on the show, especially when it’s grounded. Season 2 of Arrow is looking very nice so far and Colton Haynes (actor who plays as Roy Harper) did state that there are more characters to come, click HERE.

Arrow season 2 begins October 9 on CW.

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  • Brandon Bush

    See, now YESTERDAY I read where the Executive Producer said that she wouldn’t be Black Canary. Which article are we supposed to believe?

    • It could be a play on the character to show the righteous side of Black Canary (Laurel Lance) and the more kick ass dark side of Black Canary (Caity Lotz). Truth be told, they’re trying to keep everyone surprised. So if Caity Lotz’ character is not Dinah Drake/Black Canary then the character has a literary use to the ideology of Black Canary. They’re not going to say blatantly, oh this is Black Canary everybody say hi. Nope, it’s more complicated than that.