Zatanna FINALLY Announced for ‘Injustice’

Remember when you first wished for Zatanna to be in Injustice? You were young then, full of hope for the world. As time went on, you grew discouraged. “Would she ever be in the game?” you prayed silently. But you held on to hope. And now, oh joy of joys, your wishes are fulfilled!

Thanks to a story posted by ComicBookMovie, fanboys and girls are respectively shedding single, appropriate tears today, upon announcement that one of DC’s most beloved magicians would be coming to the Injustice arena this coming Tuesday, August 13th. Ed Boon, one of the creative heads for Injustice and Mortal Kombat legend has been teasing the introduction of a “highly-demanded fan favorite” for a while now, with fans speculating on who exactly that meant. Now, we can easily relate to his excitement and how hard that secret must have been to keep.

Check out the link below to watch the battle between Zatanna and Grundy!

(Photo courtesy of ComicBookMovie)