ARKHAM ORIGINS: Electrocutioner Revealed + GameStop TV Spot

Newest assassin revealed and a TV spot of Arkham Origins. Click the jump to see more.

Some fans may not know this newest assassin, but he has been around via comic books and media. Lester Buchinsky also known as Electrocutioner, is a criminal and thug that uses electricity generated by his costume to assail his foes. His appearance was in Detective Comics #644 in 1992 created by Chuck Dixon, Tom Lyle, and Scott Hama.

Of course, Eric Holmes stated that not many fans or mainstream gamers would know who this assassin is at NYCC 2013. So, seeing a character who is not the usual suspects is surprising and exciting. Especially, when this might be where Batman will receive his shock gauntlets from in the game.


Since the game debut of the game is not too far away, GameStop has released their TV spot for Batman: Arkham Origins. You can see the clip above.

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Source- Batman Arkham Videos