The Movement has been Cancelled


Monthly title The Movement has been cancelled according to Gail Simone via her tumblr page. The series will end in May with issue 12. The series launched last year and told the story of teenage superheroes that would unite as grassroots heroes to fight crime within Coral City. “Unfortunately, this book just never found a big enough audience.  The people who loved it, loved it hard, but that number was too small” stated Simone in her blog post.

Simone also wanted to let fans know that DC is not to blame for the cancellation; if anything they supported the title whole-heartedly.

They knew it was a dicey prospect, a book not set in Gotham or Metropolis with no known heroes, and an unusual core theme. They knew it was a bit risky commercially and they did it anyway, and they let us run out to twelve issues to finish it properly, when almost any other publisher would have cut it earlier on.

The characters were not the long established superheroes seen like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman but something new for the comic book fans.  The Movement was created as a new concept to stand with these characters. Simone in past has stated that it was based off the real life “Occupy Movement” and other modern day social movements.

The twelfth and final issue will be released in May. It was written by Gail Simone with artwork by Freddie Williams II.

Source: Gail Simone (Via Tumblr)