Pat Broderick Returns To DC Comics after 20 Years

Legendary comic book artist Pat Broderick will be making an epic comeback to DC Comics, he started his career at DC Comics from high school, flown in from Tampa, Florida. He competed in a DC Comics artist program in the seventies. While at DC Comics, Broderick drew in filler pages and short stories. Most comic fans can remember his work with also Legendary scribe Marv Wolfman on Batman: Year Three, a story based on Tim Drake’s (Robin, Red Robin) first appearance and interactions with Batman.



News broke on Bleeding Cool that Broderick was returning to DC Comics, with no further detail on what he will be working on. The news is corroborated on Pat Broderick’s Facebook page, where he stated –

“I’m back at DC Comics after a Twenty-year separation.”

On one of his posts, he was asked by a fan, “Ring?”

He then replied, “Mask? Cape? Jacket? I don’t know yet, but as soon as I do and they clear it you’ll all be the first to know. I do know that it has a year end deadline.”

We can all thank DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan Didio for putting all this together and only time will tell for when we expect to see Pat Broderick work. Exciting stuff!

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Source – Wikipedia, Bleeding Cool, Facebook