Another Billionaire in Starling City

Over the course of two and a half seasons Arrow is breaking boundaries on who can and cannot make an appearance in Starling City. Who ever thought Ra’s al Ghul and Green Arrow would have a showdown over  the death of Black Canary. Even saying it makes question if it’s correct. Arrow has received some criticism in the fact that some characters appearing in the “Arrowverse” aren’t necessarily regulars. I think that needs to be let go. Bring on anyone you want to. It is great fun to see these characters interact with foes and allies you would never normally see.

SCENE FROM EPISODE OF CW SERIES 'ARROW'Most of the criticism comes from the use of so many Gotham City/Batman alumni. The two main examples coming to mind are Huntress and Ra’s. Honestly it isn’t just about an “Arrowverse,” it is about the much bigger DC Multiverse. With it already clear that the cinematic and TV versions are separate entities, why not play around a little bit. The way Ra’s was brought in revolving around Sara and the League was done very well. Using Huntress as an early love interest and someone who makes Ollie see a different shade of gray was a big turning point for the show early on.

Executive producer Marc Guggenhiem has expressed often that he is extremely pleased with how lenient DC is on the use of characters. “The reality has far exceeded any of our initial predictions or initial conceptions,” says Guggenheim. In an interview with THR he was asked how many members of the Justice League he would like to have on Arrow. He made it evident that he had a very specific someone in mind. “At the end of the day it’d be so awesome to have Batman on the show. That’d be really cool. I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon, but you never know…one day.”

The Man Under the Hood

Seeing Batman on the show would be great but I’m not holding my breath. Plus I have so much to look forward to this season. Deathstroke will be coming back and a newcomer Danny “Brick” Brickwell will soon make his presence felt. Arrow did prove to be a good starting point when the brought in “the scientist.” Who is to say that another spin-off couldn’t happen. With so many new DC shows coming like Supergirl and Teen Titans a lot of new doors and possibilities will open. Two words, cross-overs and crisis.

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Source: Cinemablend