Arkham Knight: “BE THE BATMAN” Live Action Trailer Released

Live action trailer for the Batman: Arkham Knight video game has been released!

BE THE BATMAN! That’s what Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are encouraging in the latest trailer for their highly anticipated video game Batman: Arkham Knight! The “BE THE BATMAN” trailer was directed by Tim Cronenweth (U2: Rattle and Hum), Jeff Cronenweth (Fight Club, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl) with collaboration from David Fincher (Seven, House of Cards). Nine Inch Nails’ “The Wretched” was used to great effect as the theme music in the trailer.

From Gaz Deaves, social marketing director for Rocksteady Studios:

Throughout the development of Batman: Arkham Knight, our goal has been to create the ultimate Batman experience and give players the chance to be the Batman like never before.

For us that has meant building out all of Gotham City, showing Batman at the peak of his powers, and putting him in control of a brand new, unstoppable Batmobile. But it’s not just about the power fantasy of being the savior and protector of Gotham: Batman will be tested like never before by a united force of super-villains that are hell-bent on taking him down.

It’s the moments when we are all tested that we explore in our new live-action trailer: times of trial, and how we can rise above them. Selflessness, determination, and courage are all traits that we share with the Dark Knight, and so in many ways we can all be the Batman every day.

For those who take up the cape and cowl on June 23rd, you’ll need all of these traits and more to truly be the Batman, and take on the greatest threat Gotham City has ever seen.


A bonus for our loyal DCN followers! Hear from the voices of Batman: Arkham Knight as the talented Kevin Conroy, Jonathan Banks, Ashley Greene and John Noble talk about voicing their characters.

Batman: Arkham Knight will be released next month on, June 23rd and will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS gaming platforms.

So, was there ever a time when you had to “BE THE BATMAN”? Please comment below!

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Source: Playstation network, DC Entertainment.

Thomas ODonnell

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