SDCC: Vertigo Expands Its Comic Line with 12 New Titles This Fall

Huge news and reveals from DC Comics and its imprints at SDCC. Vertigo announced they will expand their comic line with 12 new ongoing series this fall.

“This is a groundbreaking rollout for Vertigo and all 12 new titles represent the imprint at its core: smart and irreverent stories that will take you someplace stranger”.

I can’t be more excited about the diversity of projects and creative teams we have lined up, from Vertigo veterans to a powerhouse of new voices and rising art stars.”

-Shelly Bond, Vertigo Executive Editor

Launching this October, we have four titles:

  • The Twilight Children #1
  • Survivors’ Club #1
  • Clean Room #1
  • Art Ops #1

Then in November we have edgier titles like:

  • Unfollow #1
  • Slash and Burn #1
  • Red Thorn #1
  • Jacked #1

Finally, on December new and familiar titles appear on the scene to close the year:

  • The Sheriff of Baghdad #1
  • Last Gang in Town #1
  • Lucifer #1
  • New Romancer #1

Executive Editor Shelly Bond stated titles like Red Thorn are here to fill the void Fables will leave, which as you know is wrapping up its finale soon.

At this point it is unknown if Lucifer #1 is a reboot or a continuation of the previous series of the same name.

Take a look at DC All Access coverage of this great news.

In the fall, the days get shorter while the nights—and darkness—grow longer. It’s the perfect time of year for Vertigo, and the cutting edge imprint will be making that known with twelve brand new titles this fall from such creative powerhouses as Mike Allred, Holly Black, Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke, Gail Simone and more.

What do you think of the upcoming Vertigo titles? A lot of different genres in this new line up, which is your favorite?

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