Reviews: The Flash #28

The Flash #28 starts off a bit slow but soon picks up. This issue is light on the action but heavy with the Scooby-Do0- murder mystery. Brian Buccellato and Patrick Zircher are crafting quite the supernatural crime buster with this terrific team up! The Flash and Deadman make quite the pair if not a bit unorthodox. More like the Odd Couple if anything…


Deadman, more Deadman. As a reader, this writer cannot get enough Deadman antics. Especially with his interactions with The Flash. Though Boston Brand doesn’t seem to be his usual self… and that’s a bit of a put off.

The Flash (2011-) 028-004

The issue is a bit slow but not without some bright new nuggets of lore sewing seeds for story lines. Buccellato is quite clever like that. His writing is just as well complemented with the amazing artwork of Patrick Zircher, his work always bore some resemblance to J.H. Williams III without Williams III fantastic panel use.


Just a bit slow. That’s it, a bit slow and drab at times. Again we’re dangled with the possibility of  Captain Frye’s  blood relation, in one way or another, to Barry Allen, the nature of his relationship with Nora Allen (Barry’s mother) is simply a matter of time.

Other than that, it’s quite a book and a series.

Rating: 4/5


It breaks some of the rules regarding Deadman’s interaction with the DC universe but despite that hardcore detail and the slight ‘sluggishness’ of the book. It’s a good read for Flash and starving Deadman man’s alike.