Review: Swamp Thing #31

by Gregg Hamm
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The final chapter of Gift of the Sureen is here, and fans of Swamp Thing won’t be dissapointed. This issue has a couple twists in store for readers as well as a special cameo from a Justice Leaguer at the end. I for one am very intrigued with the new information this issue unvales.


The idea of there being an avatar of Fungus is intriguing and has reallyST-31-2-28e68  brought a new energy into the series. Writer Charles Soule has really done an excellent job of expanding the mythos Scott Snyder created at the beginning of the New 52. Seeing the body of a new type of avatar was one of the coolest parts of the issue. Artist Jesus Saiz has created an immaculate and detailed  design for this champion of the fungus.Overall the art in this issue was great. Saiz draws every chracter with precision and  continues to be one of the most underated artists at DC right now.

With Swamp Thing’s body no longer in his possession, and Alec currently dying in the body he’s stuck with, a lot of interesting events unfold. We see scientists play Frankenstein with Swamp Thing as they rip him a part and put him back together. The most impressive scene however is when Alec discovers a way to save his life. I won’t spoil exactly how he does it but I’m certain readers didn’t expect this.


While the issue had a lot of intriguing ideas there wasn’t a lot of action. Generally in the final issue of an arc I expect a more explosive finish but this issue left me wanting more.  The scenes involving the scientists working on Swamp thing’s body in particular were little dull for an already dialogue heavy issue. It would have been nice to seee a bit more mad science taking place in the background while others moved Swamp Thing’s appendages around.

Overall another great issue for this week. Writer Charles Soule provides a satisfying ending to a pretty intrigueing arc that I’m sure was unpredictable for most readsers . If you enjoyed Chrales’s previous work or even enjoyed Scott Snyder’ss run with Swamp Thing then you will definately want to be reading this series. The writing and art have been consistently great since the begining of the New 52 and this issue is no exception.


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