Injury on Gotham set.

by Daryl Keogh
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Gotham star and the next Jim Gordon, Ben McKenzie, has had a little tumble on the set of Gotham that left him in stitches. McKenzie put a photo on Instagram of him with a sizable gash on his forehead.
McKenzie said “It was a little embarrassing to be honest with you. I’ve done this for a while. I’ve done a fair number of fight scenes so it was more like ‘Oh man, why did I do that?’”
The accident happened during a fight scene where McKenzie had to fight off a thug.
Gordon 2

“We were doing a fight scene [and] I had to drive a guy back into a concrete pillar, it was a long distance by 20 or 30 feet. I did a take correctly and then decided I would bash my own head into the pillar the side of it. I just missed by three inches caught the edge of it and there is a lot of blood.” McKenzie said speaking to

McKenzie said he is fine and there is no sign of a concussion and is making a full recovery.

Gotham will hit our screens on September 22nd airing on Fox then Netflix.


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