Review – Harley Quinn #15

by Renee Montoya
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Writers: Amanda Conner, Jimmi Palmiotti

Pencils: Chad Hardin

Ink: Chad Hardin

Colourist: Alex Sinclair

Cover Art: Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts, Alex Sinclair


We find Harley Quinn in this issue stretched out too thin as she tries to save the day, shop, have a job and possibly a love life. She is after all only one woman. Her girlfriend Ivy is back in town and lends her a helping *cough cough* hand and a few suggestions to help this black and red keep her sanity.



The writing is witty, full of innuendos, double entendre and character quirks that make Harley and Ivy the women they are. Along with the beautifully clean and bright artwork, this is again an easy read. The idea for the sidekick collecting is great, having them use the web and advertise rather than the usual “accident and tragedy” method in most series.

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I have NOTHING to nit-pick on this issue
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Final Thought

This was once again worth the wait and damn does this team deliver. Once more I found myself yelling at the Ipad screen when Ivy and Harley were so damn close only to be interrupted by beefcake. It was great! Personally I’m rooting for Ivy to win herself a little split-hair coloured woman with issues, but we will see where Jimmi and Amanda lead us.

The amusement at Harley buying way too many pets yet again is so very endearing and as someone who tends to find herself with strays coming to stay of the pet variety both small and VERY large I love seeing her still making time for her non-human friends.

The talking beaver still screams innuendo and still a source of amusement especially Ivy’s expression that Harley seems to be regressing due to her sexual frustrations and lack of any time to have any kind of love life. What girl hasn’t “talked to herself” during a rather large break.

While I wouldn’t give this series to anyone under the age of 16, I am so grateful for a team that is adult in nature, adult in topic, adult in language and imagery while keeping it bright, fun, and witty and this series really is the Jewel of the DC comic-verse for this year!

Get out there, buy, by 8 of them, this team deserves the support, give it to your friends, hell, give it to your mum she would probably get a good chuckle too!





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