Review: Convergence Shadow of The Bat #2

by Max Eber
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Azrael lives in Convergence Shadow of The Bat #2 written by Larry Hama, Rick Leonardi on pencils, Dan Green on inks, Elmer Santos on color, and Steve Wands on lettering.

Continuing Wetworks onslaught on Batman and Azrael we find ourselves in a harbored aircraft carrier ship full of people. Wetworks pursue Bruce and Azrael, who rescue a boy, Damon, on deck. Dane, Jester, Pilgrim, Mother One and Dozer are all bent on killing Bruce and Azrael to save the city. They pursue the two batmen through the ship, who are aided by the boy’s mother, Bethany Convergence- Batman - Shadow of the Bat (2015) 002-010Rodriguez. Bruce and Jean try to figure out how to get Dane to cooperate and save both cities. They dispose of Mother One and steal a grenade which they later use against the rest of Wetworks, threatening to blow up the ship’s half empty fuel bunkers. Bruce is able to talk with Dane and more or less gets the truce Bruce was wanting.


Seeing Bruce and Jean working with children is great, though the kid was quite stilted in this though it’s implied he’s not 100% well. Azrael shows he is indeed compassionate and Bethany was pretty instrumental in their tactics which is always appreciated. There’s a few good one liners as well which keep it somewhat buoyant


Unfortunately this issue both art wise and writing lacks the grit and grim 90s feel of the first issue, whose art was generic but rather bold in the dated dynamism and a really dark color palette . This is Convergence- Batman - Shadow of the Bat (2015) 002-016simply generic and the Waterworks are as expected dated. It’s just, okay, not very memorable. The entire issue is somewhat anti-climactic given how bloody and tension fraught the first issue was. It seemed to have skipped ahead a bit in the narrative as well.


Like a lot of these Convergence issues which start somewhat interesting, this is another case of losing steam, both in art and writing. Had the coloring been more dynamic. It’s filler, and it feels like it, which is a shame as it is nice. It has elements here that could have much more successful legs.  Batman + children here saves it from a 2/5 star rating for blandness.



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