New Beginnings in this Cyborg #1 Sneak Peek

by Antonio Jose Chavez
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DC Comics has released a special 8-page sneak peek into the all-new post-Convergence series Cyborg, starring the eponymous Justice Leaguer.

Since Justice League’s first issue at the very dawn of the New 52, Cyborg lost most of his human flesh, trading it for the mechanics that make him the technological master he is now. However things are about to change, but is it for the better?

Solicit Synopsis:

The ultimate tech hero thought he knew everything about his unique cybernetic body. He was wrong…

Check out this ALL-NEW FREE 8-page preview to the new CYBORG #1.

cyborg cyborg

 cyborg CYB-950-dylux3-1332x2048-555a6a52d39f48-00689476-36131 CYB-950-dylux4-1332x2048-555a6a60b5f988-15069587-a69f1 CYB-950-dylux5-1332x2048-555a6a6ccca725-47558073-9ebe7 CYB-950-dylux6-1332x2048-555a6a7a87e5a4-28480500-c4400 CYB-950-dylux7-1332x2048-555a6a866d67c4-10797420-4b776 CYB-950-dylux8-1332x2048-555a6a8f9364d4-89052959-583ba CYB-950-dylux9-1332x2048-555a6a9ca141c2-97104060-0581b

What do you think of the new direction?

Cyborg will activate this month, and don’t miss the rest of the previews for the returning and all-new series post-Convergence:

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