Review: Green Arrow #45

by Sean Blumenshine
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This review contains spoilers.

In Green Arrow #45, Oliver and Tarantula go after the Skeletons in order to save Oliver’s dog, George.



The issue begins with Oliver and Tarantula escaping from the fight with the Skeletons. Then, Ollie and Tarantula head towards El Paso in order to find George. They discover a swarm of moths and a destroyed gas station with Mayan symbols painted in blood and a dead man. The issue ends with Tarantula telling Oliver that the symbols means the darkness is spreading.


Federico Dallocchio’s art is very good. All of the action is well drawn and easy to follow. The coloring is also nice and gives the comic a decent amount of atmosphere.


I am really not feeling this current story arc. I do not know enough about the Skeletons right now in order to make them legitimate threats or interesting. Benjamin Percy has given us backstory but we know nothing of the members right now or their agenda outside of wanting power. Additionally, Oliver and Tarantula aren’t given much personality in this either which is strange considering the annual that also came out this week.

I also think that this storyline isn’t what Green Arrow needs right now. It’s trying to be too big and epic. Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino were able to make this kind of story work because they made it personal for Ollie. The only stake Oliver has in this story is saving his dog. I love dogs but it is not the most exciting thing to have a multi-part story in which a superhero saves his dog from a mysterious group of evil people. A one-shot of that story might work but it isn’t interesting here. It would work a bit better if Emiko or one of the other New 52 supporting characters had been taken. This may have been a good way to bring Felicity and Diggle back into the story since people love them so much on the TV show.


Despite some good artwork, this issue is a bore. There just isn’t anything here that is fun or interesting. It’s fairly disappointing because I think that this team has a lot of potential and their first storyline was pretty good. Hopefully, this will go somewhere but I’m not feeling it right now.



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