Review: DC Bombshells #10

by Paul DePaola
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The Bombshell’s fight against the Tenebrae escalates as each team has major encounters with the enemy.  Wonder Woman faces down the Baroness, while Catwoman, Batwoman, and Huntress strike deep to save the innocents caught up in the evil Nazi plans.

The Positive

Bombshells 10 3In previous issues I haven’t felt like all the stories balanced well, some moments felt like they were shoehorned in at the last minute to fill page counts.  That’s not a problem this time around.  The story revolves around Wonder Woman facing the Baroness while trying to protect all human life, regardless of which side of the conflict they are on.  Her story is the best part of the book.  It feels like she is truly fighting the larger battle against evil and darkness, and not just fighting based on factions.  She understands that there is more at stake than just political interests.

In Berlin, Catwoman is acting as a double agent, using Lex Luthor’s influence to get deeper into the enemy territory.  She and Huntress are off to save Batwoman who has been captured.  Catwoman is so good at playing both sides that you can’t always tell whose side she is really on.  Their story is the most action packed as they try to fight their way out.  Even without backup, Batwoman is not one to go quietly.  Turns out there is more to her arsenal than just a bat and ball.

Zatanna gets in a good small moment that saves the heroes at the last minute but puts herself in great danger.

Bombshells 10 2

The Negative

The pacing on these stories has never felt consistent.  In some issues, the stories have felt stretched and padded to fit, while others, like this one, feel like they are jam packed.  There are several jumps in the story and pacing that had me going back thinking I had missed a page or skipped a panel.  From issue to issue they seem to jump from one extreme to the other.  It’s bothersome because it drags down what would otherwise be a fantastic book.

The Verdict

This continues to be a really good, but flawed book.  There is a lot to enjoy here, especially in the Wonder Woman story which seems to be where the most important battle is taking place.  Marguerite Bennett continues to write great characters and the artwork throughout the whole book is really good, but the pacing and character balance continue to make for a very uneven read.


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