[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artists: Diogenes Neves, Guy Jose, & Sean Parson

Continuing the discussion of Damian’s coming of age in Talia’s culture, this issue also brings into light some of Damian’s conflicts about it. We learn where his beliefs of being a man or not quite a man lie. This issue also explores his struggle between Wayne and al Ghul and where his inner compass sways.


We are also introduced to the reason behind Damian’s abrupt kidnapping of the Teen Titans. The new force that now hunts the heroes is seeking them still and with good reason. Much as Damian has become a young man, passing through an important time of his life, these dark forces are doing the same.


In this issue we get to see the new Teen Titans work as a team, if only briefly. We also get to see how the dynamic of the team will be vastly different with Damian at the helm instead of Red Robin.


The art style of the new artistic team flows well and looks similar to that of Jonboy Meyers, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the same flair. This leaves the book feeling a little flat visually. While the events of the issue are classically a good story, the personas of the characters aren’t yet solidified enough to really capture the audience yet.

Readers may like the new villains that have come to beat the Teen Titans, but overall this issue felt flat.


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