[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Rob Williams
Artists: John Romita Jr. and Eddy Barrows
Inkers: Richard Friend and Eber Ferreira

Following the aftermath of Hack’s death, Harley Quinn rallies the rest of the squad to go after Rustam and his group that are attacking various highly powered institutions and the wealthy elite.

Review: Suicide Squad #14

Williams continues to write such a compelling story, that you can’t help to rout for the “bad guys.” Harley’s reaction to finding Hack dead was great. The two have definitely forged a friendship over the past few issues, and her anger to finding Hack dead was truly justified and believable. We also learn about a new twist about the Squad’s brain bombs. Even though they have been deactivated, the mics still work, which Harley uses to give an inspiring speech to the rest of the squad that rallies them to join her fight against Rustam.

Harley is amazing in this issue. As a long time Harley Quinn fan, I never really enjoyed the stories that portrayed her as a brainless floozy, or as a punching bag for the Joker. I always believed that she was much more than that. Williams couldn’t be further from that persona, which I absolutely respect.

This issue also builds a lot on the Squad’s personalities, and where they see themselves in the world. I think Harley said it best, “We ain’t heroes. We don’t do saving the day. But revenge? Revenge we can do.”

At the end of both stories in this issue, Williams leaves us hanging with not one, but two cliffhangers. Definitely a must see.

Review: Suicide Squad #14

One negative I could find in this issue was the artwork. Even though it was the same art teams as last issue, I didn’t find their work nearly as good this time around. Romita Jr. and Barrows still did a decent job, but there were some panels (more so on Romita Jr.’s story) that just didn’t look that good. For example, the panel where Flag screams out Harley’s name, he looks somewhat cross eyed. It’s little things like that that look off.

Some might say the cliffhanger at the end of the second story was somewhat predictable, and they might be right. Whether or not it’s a negative point on the issue is for you to decide.

Review: Suicide Squad #14

If you’re looking for a great Harley story, or just a great story in general, this issue is it. The two cliffhangers in this issue definitely leave something to look forward to in the next issue.

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