Review: Superwoman #14

by Shean Mohammed
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: K.Perkins

Artists: Art Thibert, Stephen Segovia, Ken Lashley, Renato Guedes



“SUPERMAX” part one! Meet Superwoman’s newest roommate—Maxima?! When the galaxy’s foremost forger of heroes finds herself in need of a hero herself, she turns to Superwoman and the planet Earth.

But Supergirl has unfinished business with her former mentor, bringing the Girl of Steel to Metropolis and into the clutches of the real Maxima!


In this issue, Lana and Kara, are discussing politics that surround all the dealing at the DEO and what is the source of the red Kryptonite. Back in Metropolis, Maxima, a “power broker” of sorts but more a hero maker seeks to destroy Superwoman. Amos also gets fight with Lana and Kara as he is not only fighting but his other self, the one form his childhood, is trying to break through. Everything comes to a head, as a fight between Superwoman and Supergirl against Maxima, as she invades DEO headquarters. By book’s end, it was all a ruse to sniff out if this was the Maxima, who is actually Supergirl’s friend.


The payoff was not quite enough for this issue to be as good as it could have been



Worth reading, maybe wait for the trade, as this issue does not truly provide anything substantial.


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