Superman’s Red Trunks Return in Action Comics #1000

Superman Red Trunks - DC Comics News

In 2011, when DC Comics relaunched their comic line as The New 52, they made many changes to their characters, including their costumes. One of their most controversial these changes was done to Superman. Besides adding a collar to Superman’s costume, they also removed his iconic red trunks. The reasoning was that in today’s day and age that design was no longer practical.  The 2013 film Man of Steel also portrayed Superman without the red trunks.

But with Action Comics #1000 set to hit stands soon, DC Comics has officially announced that Superman will be getting his red trunks back. As of now, it isn’t clear if it is just for that issue, for a single arc or if this is the look they will be moving forward with.  But the classic look with the trunks is what many fans have been demanding, so don’t be surprised if the trunks stay for a while.

Cameron Tevis

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