[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Pencils: Bruno Redondo

Inks: Bruno Redondo & Juan Albarran

Colors: Rex Lokus



Jaime is surprised at home by Conner, Cassie and Kory and they proceed to offer him a spot on the Titans.  They go to Kord tower to discuss it in private.  Booster Gold gets involved, and is giving Jaime advice after the Titans leave when things get worse.  Lobo crashes into the tower seeking to abduct Jaime for a bounty.  Booster is no match for The Main Man, and is unable to stop Lobo from leaving with Jaime strapped to the front of his “bike.”

The Titans are not so far away that they don’t see Lobo’s attack on the tower.  They return to help Booster and follow his lead as he suggests “borrowing” the Justice League’s Javelin rocket ship.  Batman gets the alert at the Batcave and is none too happy.

When Lobo gets into space with Jaime, they are surprised by Metron in the Moebius chair.  He’s not happy to see Jaime as Lobo’s prisoner.  He too has come looking for the Blue Beetle because Starro the Conqueror needs to be stopped.  Metron explains that a previous owner of the Scarab stopped Starro in the past and Metron is pinning his hopes on the current owner – Jaime.  It just makes Lobo laugh!



There’s some humor in this issue that is not surprising with some classic Booster Gold incompetence, but it’s the Batman and Catwoman interlude that steals the issue.  As Bruce is trying to be imposing and threatening as he calls out Booster on “borrowing” the Javelin, Selina teases him a bit, reminding him he cannot leave leave to go “play,” she’s recently injured and requires being waited on and attended to.

This issue is not involved with the main story lines that we’ve seen so far, but it does take advantage of the alternate reality concept of this title and push these particular characters forward.



It’s a bit of a change of pace this issue as the shift in focus is not nearly as intense or as directly connected to the basic premise of the Injustice 2 concept.  While this seems like it will be a good story, it doesn’t have the intensity of most of the previous story arcs that ran through the core of the Injustice 2 concept.



This issue exists more on the fringes of the world of Injustice 2.  The issue provides an opportunity to see some rebuilding, even if the story does carry the impact that most issues of this series do.


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