Hello everyone Michael here to tell you about BATMAN AND FRANKENSTEIN #31, so lets get started.


We start out with Batman on the heels of Ra’s Al Ghul who has the bodies of his daughter and grandson now in the Himalayas. Batman arrives a little behind  due to the new kind of G.P.S he’s been using, as Batman and Titus (yes he’s traveling with Damian’s dog) are looking for tracks or a sign of Ra’s when Batman’s grabbed at the throat by Frankenstein.


Warry after their last encounter when Bats cut Frankenstein into 27 pieces he isn’t taking any chances with the Caped Crusader. After explaining why he’s there and asking what happened to the city of Nanda Parbat Frankenstein offers his help as long as Batman is willing to give his son a proper burial. The two follow the signal that’s imbedded in Ra’s body but are soon attacked by what appear to be Yetis.

After Batman realizes that the creatures were attacked by Ra’s, he and Frankenstein form an alliance with the Yetti tribe. As the group finally approach the site where the beacon is coming from Batman and Frankenstein make a grim discovery that Ra’s has already put one of the coffins in the Lazuraus Pit.


I believe we have a few good things about this book even though it didn’t seem to take us far.

  1. First, it was great that we got to see Batman and Frankenstein together again after what happened in their first meeting, with Bats hacking Frank into pieces.
  2. I think we see a different side of Frankenstein in this issue, and what I mean is that he tells Batman the reason he’s there is to find solitude after the events of Forever Evil. So he’s not really looking to fight but after he gets Batman’s explanation of what he’s there, for Frankenstein is kind of like, okay I’ll help you!


Okay so now we have the dreaded negatives, the last review I did had a lot of them now its a cancelled book…

  1. Well lets start off with the fact that for the last few issues Batman has been chasing after Ra’s Al Ghul to get Damian’s body back, now I’m not positive if he also wants Thalia’s body back also but that’s neither here nor there. What baffles me is why they didn’t show more of Ra’s in the issue? Besides the part where he’s lowering one of the coffins into the Lazuraus Pit that’s the only time he is seen in the issue. Now I get it’s to set up the next issue but he could’ve been shown fighting the Yeti at least.
  2. Really the only other detail that bothered me was the lack of action in the issue, I mean this was the first time Frankenstein has seen Batman since cutting him up. I would’ve thought he would’ve been a bit more ticked off and tried kicking Batman’s face in. But the only action we saw was the two title characters fighting off a pack of Yeti for three panels which lead to Batman basically making friends with them to the amazement of Frankenstein.


I enjoyed this issue, I like how the writers set up the next issue  where we can expect the story to culminate. The other cool part is having Frankenstein being there with Batman while he goes through what could be the final leg of his journey to get Damian back. Frankenstein was the person who Batman tried to get the secret of bringing the dead to life from. So it’ll be very interesting to see where we go from this point to the point of Omega.