Previews 2 pages from Green Lantern #21 and info on what is to come from Robert Venditti

I must admit as a long time Hal Jordan and Geoff Johns fan, I did have thoughts about stopping Green Lantern with issue #20, however the more I see and hear about what is upcoming, my interest increases for this title.  Today DC revealed 2 more pages from Green Lantern #21 and in some of the various interviews on other sites, we are finding out more and more what is coming up in Green Lantern besides Relic:

  • References to Hal Jordan having “more power than ever before”
  • New characters
  • Adding to the Green Lantern mythology
  • Examining the legacy of the Green Lanterns and Green Lantern Corps
  • BUG: Can I ask about GREEN LANTERN? Do you have one word to sum up that? One phrase?

    RV: It’s a really ambitious story. We are not coming out of the gate playing it safe. We are taking a lot of risks and hopefully people will respond in a positive way.


With Hal, New Guardians, and more in the 1st issue along with the lead into the Relic story, what do you want to see in with the new team? With the reference of Hal having “more power than before”, how will he be able to control the power, leading the Corps, and facing the new villains and challenges.

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Source:  DC Comics