The State of Batman

by Daren Taveras
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It is hard to express the success of DC Comics New 52 without bringing Scott Snyder’s Batman into the spotlight. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo were the driving force behind DC’s Batman comic, and it was clear after their “Night of Owls” arc began to take shape that this creative team was going to spearhead the Batman saga and shape it into a new work of art.

Now that the “Death of the Family” arc has ended, Snyder announced that his next Batman story line will be a twelve issue retelling of how Bruce Wayne became the Batman.

Batman # 21

We already got a taste of this in the Batman #0 comic that came out last year, and it seems promising. But a whole year without seeing the Batman in the Gotham we know and love now can be risky. Where does this leave the new continuity of Batman after the fallout of “Death of the Family?” If you’ve kept up with the latest of the Bat-family, you already know the answer: it is in Peter J. Tomasi’s hands.

Tomasi is the writer for Batman and Robin, and is slowly becoming one of the strongest writers that DC has to offer. His work on the book alongside Patrick Gleason, and Mick Grayspeak waves of their aptitude and strength as a creative team. They also have an incredible ability to adapt.

Following the events of Batman Incorporated #8, Tomasi and his team were left in a very difficult situation. Grant Morrison put them in jeopardy of losing their comic as a result of his storyline, and the fallout from Batman Incorporated could have destroyed the Batman and Robin book in its entirety.


Batman and Red Hood # 20

They were challenged with an obstacle to overcome: who was Robin, who is Robin, and who will become Robin? However, Tomasi saw a golden opportunity and, alongside his artists, developed an even greater story arc following these events. These current comics are some of the best Batman comics released in years. But how will they shape the future?

Detective Comics and The Dark Knight both exist in continuity as far as the Batman mythos goes. But to what degree? They both are modern stories that take place in Gotham and they both tell stories that push the Batman further. That being said, they don’t necessarily impact the current continuity of Batman. Although part of the grand scheme of Batman comics, these pieces don’t have the power to change much of the current Meta of Batman. Tomasi’s comic has that power.

Batman & Red Robin # 19

With Scott Snyder essentially taking a year off from writing the current Batman in favor of the old, Tomasi and his team have the gift and burden of setting up the world in which Snyder will come back to. They can reshape the dynamics of Batman and Robin, and send sparks throughout Gotham and into the other Batman comics.

A year from now we could be reading a very different Batman, Robin, and Gotham. That being said, DC could not have trusted anyone else to push the boundaries that the current comic universe needs. Having Snyder and Tomasi working on the future of Gotham will lead us into some of the greatest story arcs we will ever see. The future is Batman and Robin, and we are in for an exhilarating ride.

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