BROTHER LONO: Is Not A Sequel to 100 Bullets

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100 Bullets: Brother Lono  is not a sequel to 100 Bullets. Click the jump to see more.

If you’ve never heard of 100 Bullets, think of all the violence you want in a comic book that has good story line and grit. Well, now think of that times 100 more for the new series by  Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso. The two have come back together to do 100 Bullets:  Brother Lono. Remember, this has to be stressed, Brother Lono is not a sequel to 100 Bullets. Let’s get that straight, yes? So what is Brother Lono then? Azzarello answers that question below:

It’s a very different type of story, and we are telling it in a different way. We’re not repeating ourselves here at all. The analogy I’vebrother-lono-cover-crop been using is, people have told me that “100 Bullets reads and looks like jazz. There’s a rhythm to it. Once you get the rhythm you can really sort of follow tune of the art and the language that we use. I’ve been saying that “Brother Lono” is mariachi death metal.

 This is a pretty brutal story. In “100 Bullets,” a lot of the violence would take place off-camera. In this story, it’s full-frontal. This is much more brutal than “100 Bullets.” We’re taking a much more direct kind of approach, both to my storytelling and Eduardo’s artwork. It’s very visceral. It’s gory. It’s definitely not for the squeamish. It does have a bit of that grindhouse element to it.

If you’re a Brian Azzarello fan, and you’ve been missing that up and front adult gore and lore. This is the book to grab. Brother Lono will be an 8 issue series and will be released on June 19th. Enjoy the madness, my friends, enjoy the madness!

See Eduardo Risso’s artwork below for Brother Lono.

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Source- MTV Geek 

brother-lono-cover3 brother-lono-cover

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