A New DC Animated Feature to be Called War

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A new DC Comics animated feature is on the rise, and it’s called “War.” Click the jump to see more.

A sneak peek at the back cover of Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox shows a new DC animated feature called “War” is next on the animated list to become a DVD/Blu-ray. Now, what would that entail? No one has any clue yet. However, the full name of the new feature is Justice League: War. Could this be an animated feature about Kingdom Come? For those who don’t know what Kingdom Come is, it’s a four-issue Elseworld mini-series written by Alex Ross and Mark Waid. Here’s the synopsis of the story  below:

This Elseworlds story is set in a future that deals with a growing conflict between “traditional” superheroes, such as Superman,Wonder Woman, and the Justice League, and a growing population of largely amoral and dangerously irresponsible new vigilantes, in many cases the offspring of the traditional heroes. Between these two groups is Batman and his assembled team, who attempt to contain the escalating disaster, foil the machinations of Lex Luthor, and prevent a world-ending superhuman war.

Could it be? It’s a high possibility at this point. What do you think? See the back cover of the new animated feature coming out in July, Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox on DVD/Blu-ray.

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