RED HOOD: The League of Assassins’ Secret City

by Curtis Van Impe

With the release of this weeks Red Hood and the Outlaws ANNUAL #1, readers got their first look at the New 52 interpretation of the League of Assassins. Today, DC released our first look at the secret city that serves as R’as al Ghul’s base of operations. The image provided shows a large Ra’s al Ghul statue at the city’s center, with multiple “man-bat” creatures flying around it. We’re told that the city will be heavily featured in upcoming issues of Red Hood and the Outlaws, and holds the answers to many details of Jason Todd’s past. Here’s what DC had to say:

“…this city hides something crucial that will tie up a lot of loose ends in RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS. And when Jason Todd himself is taken here, the details of what happened to him after his resurrection – and his subsequent fate – will finally be revealed. But why is all of that happening here of all places? What else doesn’t Jason remember about his past?!”

RHOODO_21_18_19_450 CMYK[1]

What do you think of the League of Assassins and their secret city? What secrets could they hold about Jason Todd and his past? Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @DCComicsNews!


Source- DC Comics Blog

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