New “Man of Steel” Featurette Asks: How Do You Reboot Superman?

by Grant DeArmitt
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New Man of Steel footage was released to day in the form of a 13-minute featurette. Beyond the new footage, which includes several action pieces and a romantic scene between Superman and Lois Lane, the filmmakers explain the ethos behind the film. “It’s not a comic book Superman,” said writer David S. Goyer. “We wanted a Superman that exists in the real world.” The featurette also gives viewers never before seen set photos, and examines the design of the film.

There are some strong hints at an epic battle (near a 7-11), but not too many giant revelations. If nothing else, the featurette serves to get us even more excited for the film. As the hype for MOS spreads, the movie may not need the added publicity’s help. We’re all pretty darn excited. I mean c’mon, is there anyone NOT going to the midnight release?

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