KOTOBUKIYA: Shazam New 52 ARTFX + Statue

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Shazam gets his own statue from Kotobukiya. Click the jump to see more .

New 52 Shazam gets his own statue from Kotobukiya. If you don’t know who Shazam is, see the information below on the character.

The ordinary orphaned boy Billy Batson was summoned to the Rock of Eternity by the Wizard, keeper of magic, in a search for theshazam6 next champion of good on Earth. Initially dismissed, Billy argued for his candidacy and was granted the magic word “Shazam” which spoken with good intentions transformed the boy into the magical powerhouse of the same name. Imbued with the classic powers of speed, flight, super strength, and invincibility, Shazam is still finding his way in the world as a hero.

Shazam stands just under 8 inches tall in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale, and was sculpted by Atelier Bamboo. Shazam wears his unique New 52 costume, a metallic red bodysuit accented by gold bracelets and belt, gold boots with white markings, and a huge gold and white lightning bolt effect on his chest. Meanwhile, gold ties on his chest anchor a large two-part white cape with gold trim. Similar to other Kotobukiya  DC Comics ARTFX+ Statues, Shazam features magnets embedded in his feet for extra stability on his included Shazam-themed base. He’s a great addition to any ARTFX+ collection!

The statue will be available December 2013. See how this statue looks down below.

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Source- Kotobukiya 

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