Arkham Origins On PS3 To Get Exclusive Skins (UPDATED) Adam West Voicing Batman Skin???

Looks like the PS3 Version of  Arkham Origins will be getting two exclusive skins. The skins are Azrael’s Batman from the Knightfall storyline, and Adam West Batman from the 1966 series. Take a look for yourself!

arkham origins bats

UPDATE: Additional information has been revealed about the exclusive skins which may or many not involve Adam West’s voice!

“The Batman: Arkham Origins ‘Knightfall’ content for the game’s PS3 version consists of challenge maps specific to the Knightfall storyline, as well as the Azreal-themed suit and the “early television show skin” revealed in Sony’s E3 conference. Origins Senior Producer Ben Mattes told Joystiq the maps are “specific to the Knightfall storyline” and will include “appropriately themed characters and enemies.”

“The piece of Knightfall content developer Warner Bros. Montreal is “really excited about” is the early television show skin, AKA the 60s Batman skin of the KAPOW! and BLAM! era. So, did Warner Bros. Montreal consider bringing in a certain Adam West to provide vocals tied to the skin? When asked about that possibility, Mattes took a long pause before simply restating, “Early television show skin.” Holy skirting the question, Batman!”

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Source: Joystiq



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