KOTOBUKIYA: Superman For Tomorrow ARTFX + Statue

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Superman gets his new statue, For Tomorrow by Kotobukiya. Click the jump to see more.

Kotobukiya returns to the “Man of Steel” himself, Superman for a special presentation portraying an iconic appearance called Superman For TomorrowSuperman For Tomorrow statue is actually based on a  story arc, see the information on this story arc below:

In the 2004-2005 twelve issue story arc written by Brian Azzarello, Superman faced some of his most difficult times as he superman5investigated the worldwide Vanishing, dealt with an alternate reality Earth, and faced off against mysterious villains. “For Tomorrow” is most famous for its incredible artwork by DC superstar Jim Lee.

Jim Lee’s design on Superman from Superman For Tomorrow stands in one of his most iconic heroic poses, standing tall with legs apart and hands balled into fists at his sides. The statue has defined muscles of his torso, arms, and legs to the creases in his boots, the subtle belt, and of course all of the movement and texture of the cape. “Big Blue” is resplendent in blue, red, and yellow, capturing the look and feel of his traditional costume. Befitting the serious tone of For Tomorrow, Superman’s angular Jim Lee artwork-inspired face captures his incredible intensity and focus while still including the required spit curl and flowing black hair.

The statue is sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto (who also sculpted the Batman Black Costume ARTFX), Superman stands nearly 12 inches tall in the ARTFX 1/6th scale. An absolute must for any fan of DC Comics and the greatest superhero of all time, Superman For Tomorrow is the new definitive statue and will look amazing on your shelf by himself or alongside other Kotobukiya ARTFX releases.

The statue will be available December 2013. See how this statue looks down below.

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Source- Kotobukiya 

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