JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000: New Series

New Justice League series called Justice League 3000 is the next title. Click the jump to see more.

DC Comics released an exclusive to CBR about a new series called Justice League  3000. There have been talks of a new Justice League series and for most of the rumors, everyone thought it was going to be the return of Justice League International. However, the series might still be in the works of coming back but there has been no official news on that yet.

So, this new series, Justice League 3000 will be taking place in the year 3000 and will feature the usual superheroes with a nice little twist to each character. Batman will have an upgraded suit, Wonder Woman will wield a mace, and Superman will have a more militaristic appearance. The creators producing this new series are Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire. The new series will be on-going and there is no date for when this new series will come. But, check out Howard Porter’s designs of the future rendition of the characters.

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Source- CBR 

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