DC Villains Omnibus Announced

by Grant DeArmitt
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Rejoice, villains fans! As everyone knows, this September belongs to the best villains the DC Universe has to offer, each getting his or her own title for that month. According to ComicBookResources.com, this historic event in the history of the New 52 will be commemorated by each one of those issues being collected into a “Villains Omnibus,” set to be released this December.

“Villains’ Month,” as its come to be called, has shown up a lot lately in DC News, primarily because of its re-introduction of several big names into the DC Universe. Ra’s al Ghul, Count Vertigo, and others will be returning to DC’s pages, much to the delight of fans. This latest reveal is just one in a string of exciting scoops about Villain Month that have been popping up lately, and by the reactions it’s been getting, most fans seem to agree with DC Publishing that this is a great way to celebrate two full years of the latest incarnation of the DC Universe. Keep checking DCComicsNews.com for the latest on what’s going on with “Villains’ Month.”

(Photos courtesy of ComicBookMovie and ComicBookTherapy, respectively.)

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