Rafael Albuquerque Takes Over as Animal Man Artist

Writer Jeff Lemire has had many talented partners on the book (including Travel Foreman and Steve Pugh), and he will now be teaming with the American Vampire artist!

Beginning with Animal Man #24 in October, Albuquerque will be the new ongoing artist. Here’s what Jeff Lemire had to say about his new collaborator:

“Animal Man is a book that’s very close to my heart. Since we launched the series as part of the New 52, I’ve been blessed to work with two incredible talents in Travel Foreman and Steve Pugh, and now I get to collaborate with one of my favorite artists, and favorite people, in Rafael...Just wait until you see how he draws Maxine; it’s heartbreakingly beautiful. Rafael’s pages look so stunning. Full of kinetic brushwork and life.”

Animal Man #24
Animal Man #24

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Source: Hero Complex