Green Lantern #22 – “Green” Lanterns – Review

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Green Lantern #21 – “Green Lanterns”


The battle against Larfleeze rages on the surface of Oa.




The book starts off right where we left off the last issue. I know it seems to be something that should not make the list of positive things but in the world of the flashback this is always something that I enjoy. Once again it is driven home just how depleted the Green Lantern Crops is at this point. In a battle to save Oa from Agent Orange some of the Lanterns here do not even know the most basic functions of their rings. This really does build a sense of desperation.


Saint Walker and the Star Sapphire jumping into the fight is a great thing. I am one of those GL fans that want to see every color of the rainbow in every book. And here it again reinforces just how much of a force Larfleeze can be when he wants to. Even with Saint Walker supercharging the Green Lanterns they are no match for Larfleeze. Even the minor comedic moments when the all of the rings power down work very well the way they are presented here. Sometimes comedy can really disrupt the flow of a scene but it this case it works.


The solution for getting Larflezze off of Oa is simple and brilliant at the same time. This is a simple matter of understanding the motivation of someone. He is not invading to conquer or is looking for some type of vengeance.  He simply wants the treasure.





Learning to control a power ring is not easy; it takes training and skill. Unless, of course the writers need to move the story along, in which case you can use it as soon as you stick your finger through the hole. It is one of those little things that have always bothered me. Sloppy story beats like this aren’t a deal breaker for me, but I would like it if the Green Lantern universe settled the issue one way or another.


The scene with Cossite and Nol-Anj is extremely predictable—it couldn’t have played out any other way. I would have preferred a simple break out to what we are presented with here.


The fact that Hal does not have a title and is simply addressed as “Corps Leader” is mildly disappointing. I will assume that a new and hopefully much improved title is just around the corner.




This issue is a fun romp that does what it is supposed to do. This very much feels like a transition piece although it a very enjoyable one. Larfleeze steals the show again and is the highlight of the book.


Next Up – Hal goes solo!



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