Previews: Justice League #22-Trinity War begins!

Teased for over a year now and longer with the use of Pandora since Flashpoint #5 in August 2011, Trinity War is among us.  Justice League vs Justice League of America vs Justice League Dark.  Some awesome preview art has already been released for the 3 titles, and the news and info keeps pouring in.  Bleeding Cool is stating that Superman may kill someone this issue and there is Silver Age connections to the story that will lead to Forever Evil and Villains Month.  The teases for the war told of a hero’s death that start the war, and many wondered if it was Catwoman, however Justice League of America #5 disproved that, so does Superman kill a hero?  You know when a crossover is big when the preview includes members of another team and references to all 3 teams.  The regular covers will connect in July and August to form 2 pictures, and the way the variant cover looks for #22, the variant covers may as well make a bigger picture, however nothing has been shown of that as of yet.  Moles like the new female Atom have been established as well as newly born characters to the New 52 like Dr. Light.  One thing for sure already, Trinity War is the catalyst for Forever Evil when the Justice League is dead, the war is going to be exciting for sure if the preview art is any indication of the July wave of this crossover.  Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis present part 1 of the War.

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Source: USA Today