New Birds of Prey Character: Uplink

by Dave Wiz

In this week’s What’s New in the New 52 column, Bob Harras will be debuting new Birds of Prey characters. Today, we got a look at the first one: Uplink!

Here’s what Bob had to say:

“A French Canadian teenager, Uplink has the ability to physically link to other people’s minds and show them exactly what they want to see. By doing so, she allows people the opportunity to live in their heart’s deepest desires. Sounds great right? Not so much.

Uplink is reluctant to use her powers because whenever she does, it takes a lot out of her. She’s more of a timid and tech-inclined young woman who’d prefer to remain an introvert. But when Basilisk takes her hostage to use her for powers, her chances of that seem diminished. An integral player in the elusive Operation Kaizen, Uplink is a character you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on.”



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Source: DC Comics blog


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