Green Lantern #23 First Look

Writer Robert Venditti and artist Billy Tan continue their unique take on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern mythology in Green Lantern #23.

Issue #23 is pivotal in setting the stage for Green Lantern #24 and the ‘Lights Out’ crossover event. “There will be plenty of action, and in one way or another, each Corps is going to pay a price.” Venditti recently told Comic Vine. How will the new recruits of the Corps handle the impending tragedy? What about the masked creatures wandering that barren plant? And what are the motives behind the mysterious Prixiam Nol-Anj? And what does she intend to do with the power of Star Sapphire’s ring?

Because after all, things between Star Sapphire and Hal Jordan have always been extremely friendly.

Green Lantern #23 will go on sale next month. But in the meantime check out some of Billy Tan’s incredible interior art work below.

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GL 23 - Inks - Pg 02