PREVIEW: Wonder Woman #22 The Calm

The New Gods grasp is slowly growing on New Earth/Earth Prime and Earth 2.  With the introduction of Highfather last issue of Wonder Woman, more pieces of the New Gods puzzle continue to be revealed in various DC titles.  One interesting note in the preview is the use of  a three day gap that Wonder Woman is not on Earth.  The original thoughts of DCnU was to make time continuity a bit more understandable, however there has been times in the less than 2 year history of the DCnU where events in one title don’t transpire when the character is used in other titles.  Also the tile “The Calm” definitely adds to the solicits thru October of Wonder Woman and all these events with the New Gods building to something including something that Wonder Woman does.  What developments to the Wonder Woman solicts and New Gods will we get this issue?

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Source:  IGN