GREEN ARROW: Richard Dragon Returns in The New 52

by Kristina
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Green Arrow gets a new enemy, Richard Dragon. Click the jump to see more.

New enemy on the rise, Richard Dragon, has declared himself as the new kingpin of Seattle. He’ll be getting rid of the rest of the top mob bosses in Seattle like a fly swatter, whacking them out.

As kingpin, Richard Dragon will present a full-out gang war that will leave Green Arrow speechless when he returns to Seattle in 2014. So what are Richard Dragon’s powers, he has none. However, he is excellent at all forms of combat. The character was known (pre-Nu52) to be a martial artist who is associated with Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger. Since Richard Dragon is returning to the DCU continuity, who knows what kind of back story he’ll have this time around.

Andrea Sorrentino (artist of Green Arrow) has done a character design for Richard Dragon. See below.


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Source– DC Comics Green Arrow Richard Dragon3.jpg Green Arrow Richard Dragon1.jpg


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