ARROW: One Word To Describe Season 2- Evolution

Season 2 of Arrow has a lot of big surprises in store for fans. Click the jump to see more.

According to Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim, summarized the entire season 2 of Arrow by calling it an “evolution.” Evolution means change, in which one would have to adapt to the changes. Since the destruction of the Glades, the whole situation at Star City has changed. The morality of the Star City people have crumbled and from the San Diego Comic Con 2013, the trailer shows that characters have either changed for the better or the worst.


The term “evolution” is a great word to use for season 2 of Arrow. The destruction of the Glades has placed Stephen Amell’s character, Oliver Queen in the direction of becoming more a hero in this season. According to the sources, the second episode title is called “Identity.” So, will Oliver Queen finally call himself “Green Arrow?” Probably not, still it’s a cool title name that will make the audience sit on the edge of their seats. Especially when the first four episodes will basically show how Oliver Queen tries to go from vigilante to hero. We see this from Felicity played by Emily-Bett Rickards who changes Arrow‘s make-shift hideout into a high tech lair.

See the lair change down below provided by Entertainment Weekly.

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