What’s New in the New 52: Burgher Thing

In his What’s New in the New 52 column, Bob Harras takes a look at another new character coming to the DC Universe: The Burgher Thing! Here’s what Harras had to say about the new Swamp Thing character:

“Debuting in the pages of this fall’s SWAMP THING ANNUAL #2, The Burgher Thing is a previous Avatar of the Green. Using the knowledge he acquired as a Swamp Thing during the 1500s, The Burgher Thing is appointed by the Parliament of Trees to become the Swamp Thing of today’s guide. His purpose is to train Swamp Thing about what more he can do with his powers due to the challenge issued to him by Seeder.

Through these coaching sessions within the Green, Swamp Thing can become his most fully realized self when he takes on the colossal threat facing him – but will it work? And what consequences will the DC Universe face after Swamp Thing spends so much time in the Green?”

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Source: DC Comics

Burgher Thing by Jesus Saiz
Burgher Thing by Jesus Saiz