FLASHPOINT: Justin Chambers & Kevin McKidd Talk About Justice League Flashpoint Paradox

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Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd discuss their recent experience on Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox. Click the jump to see more.

Justin Chambers and Kevin McKidd are not only the voice actors for The Flash and Batman, they are mostly known for being the stars of Grey’s Anatomy. You can see the clips above on their experiences with the animated feature.

Justice League: Flashpoint comes out on Tuesday, July 30 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

You can see one of the interviews on above and the rest  of the other five interview clips can be found on our Youtube playlist by clicking HERE. The five interview clips include:

1. Justin Chambers summarizing the plot from Flash’s perspective.
2. Kevin McKidd summarizing the plot from Batman’s perspective.
3. Justin Chambers discussing the script.
4. Kevin McKidd discussing the script.
5. Justin Chambers discussing Kevin McKidd and the pairing of two
Grey’s Anatomy actors.

You can see image stills of the movie down below featuring The Flash and Batman.

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Flashpoint1 Flashpoint2 Flashpoint3 Flashpoint4 Flashpoint5

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