Batman Incorporated #13 Preview: The Almost Final Chapter with a Grant Morrison Cover

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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This week marks the end of the regular Batman Incorporated title with a special to be released in August.  Grant Morrison has already stated that fans may not like the ending, so after the death of Damian Wayne, what else could happen in this issue.  Another interesting made with the preview is the perspective of this issue:

Q: What can we expect from this final chapter of yours?

A. Batman vs. Talia. Basically, that’s what it comes right down to. There’s a lot of other stuff happening, but it’s also Batman as seen through the eyes of Commissioner Gordon.

I noticed in my first issue of Batman way back with (artist) Andy Kubert, the first panel is seen through Commissioner Gordon’s glasses. I don’t know why I started it that way but I think that needs a payoff. I decided it would be really good to do the last issue as how does Gordon really see Batman and Bruce Wayne and does he know.
Q: There have been so many different versions of Batman in media that have explored that relationship. In your mind, does Gordon have a clue Bruce is really Batman?

A. That’s what this is about. I don’t want to say what my conclusion is, but that’s a big part of what this story deals with.

Q: Is it truly a grand finale you’re going out with?

A. Not even that. I certainly couldn’t do what Geoff (Johns) did with that amazingGreen Lantern issue where he basically summed up the entire story of Green Lantern and Hal Jordan. His was like the last chapter of The Lord of the Rings and was amazingly done. Also, he had a lot more pages — we do it in 24 pages, because I could only get four extra.

My thing about this was to do all of these in 20-page chunks and also I don’t want to do a big long one at the end. It was all about condensing certain elements of Batman down into new forms.

With the way comics have been done in cinema and comics have been done in these panel grids, basically when Chris and I talked about it, we said, “Let’s do comics as opera.” All through this book of Batman Incorporated, there’s been lots of spotlights and stagey setups, and suddenly by the time you get to the last issue you realize what you’ve been looking at is Batman the Opera.

It’s actually just the finale story but hopefully says a couple of new things about Batman and a couple of things you’ve never thought before.

Fans also get to see a new side of Grant Morrison this issue with a variant cover by Morrison.  How will this issue lead to the special and the end of Morrison’s Batman run and will it give any hints to the Damian Wayne Mini-Series in October?  Also another interesting piece to watch out for is the timing of this issue with the reset of Batman‘s events especially with Red Hood and Batwing (notice David is Batwing on the variant cover)?

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Source: USA Today

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