Adventures of Superman #14 Review: Nuns and Rockets

by Daniel Gehen
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Another week, another installment of Adventures of Superman. Check out our review after the jump!

Last week’s installment of Adventures of Superman gave us the opening chapter of a two-part arc by Nathan Edmonson and Yildiray Cinar. While the initial chapter was not bad, it certainly was not the best showing for the digital-first title. But now that the foundation has been laid, the storytelling potential for Part 2 is very high. So how successful was the creative team? Let’s find out.

AOS 14d


Edmonson’s Superman is very much in the classic incarnation of the character. In spite of the most of dire situations, he remains kind and warm-hearted.  His mission throughout the story is the survival and care for an innocent, extraterrestrial infant. While this would have been predictable behavior from Big Blue a few years ago, it is a refreshing contrast to the New 52 depiction of Superman.


AOS 14bAside from the depiction of Superman, there is very little that stands out in this story.  A few panels in, I was indifferent to how the remainder of the story turned out. Looking at the entire two-part story, very little actually happens. For a series that has been able to pack a ton of story into the smaller, digital-first format, this is very disappointing.

Cinar’s art sits comfortably in mediocrity. It is neither to the level of detail as an artist such as Ivan Reis, nor is it stylized like Francis Manapul or Cliff Chiang. This is not to say that the art is bad. The character models are consistent and the storytelling is effective.  But given the quality (or lack thereof) of the story, the art needed to rise above the quality presented here.

Verdict Rating2 (2/5)

Adventures of Superman #14 is a disappointing chapter in the Man of Steel’s publication history.  The storytelling commits the sin of failing to grab the audience’s attention, which is not helped by the substandard artwork. Luckily, a new creative team jumps onboard next week!

AOS 14c

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