Batman ’66 #5 Review: A Frozen Folly

by Daniel Gehen
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The adventures of the 1960’s TV Batman continue in this week’s installment of Batman ’66. Check out our review!

batman 66 5aWhen we last left our capable crime fighters, the Penguin’s iceberg nation had caused quite a conundrum in Gotham City. With Batman put on ice and seeking extradition, courtesy of Mr. Freeze, only Robin, the Boy Wonder could save the day.  How effective is the storytelling by Jeff Parker and Ty Templeton? Let’s find out.


batman 66 5cJeff Parker continues to wow readers with his knowledge of this incarnation of the Bat. Mr. Freeze’s alter ego here is Dr. Schivel, the same character that was on the original show. References are made to his television origin, in which Batman is the one that caused him to rely on the cold for survival. We also see the return of some fan favorite vehicles, previously featured in the live-action format, as well as the addition of some new Bat-toys that are a pleasant addition to the dynamic duo’s arsenal.

batman 66 5dWith Batman captured from the onset, it is up to Robin to save the day. For anyone that is remotely familiar with the Batman and Robin dynamic, this serves as a refreshing change of pace. We see Robin’s deductive skills put to the test, making the Silver Age Robin more capable then he was in the stories from that era.


Some may enjoy Ty Templeton’s art, but I am not one of those people.  It’s bland at best, and bland does not work for a title that is meant to celebrate the manic, pop-infused camp of 1960’s culture.  This was a disappointing effort.

Verdict Rating3 (3/5)

Batman ’66 continues to be an enjoyable read.  Jeff Parker’s writing captures the attention of his audience through smart, tongue-in-cheek storytelling. An improvement in the art team will only add to the quality of the title. Tune in next week for another adventure. Same Bat-Time. Same Bat-Website.

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