PREVIEW: Action Comics #23

by Dave Wiz
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Scott Lobdell continues his stint as the writer of Action Comics this week. Check out a preview of his second issue on the title!

Superman battles the constructs of an immense alien civilization that has built a feudal system based on pure evil! Plus, in the backup story, Jor-El and Lara try to save the Science Council from the colonel who seeks to make all of Krypton kneel before him!

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Backup Written by: Frank Hannah
Art by: Tyler Kirkham
Backup Art by: Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion
Cover by: Tyler Kirkham

action comics 23 cover 1

action comics 23 cover 2

action comics 23 cover 3

action comics 23 1

action comics 23 2

action comics 23 3

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Source: Gamma Squad

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