Earth-2 #15 Review: War Torn

by Brandon Stines
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It’s Wonders vs Terrors as the war against Steppenwolf marches on. Is it another victory for the World Army, or is the end drawing near?



I’ve long since felt that James Robinson’s tenure on Earth-2 has been a stellar one; in his hands, the Earth-2 team assembled together far more fluidly, organically, and interestingly than their Justice League counterparts. Similarly, Robinson manages to pull off the balancing act of solo character development and teamwork that Johns occasionally takes for granted in Justice League.

 Though the big event of this issue is the war against Steppenwolf’s Terrors, Robinson takes the time to focus on what the other heroes of the world are up to, with Hawkgirl investigating a murder and Mr. Miracle and Big Barda hunting the new Batman. Even these changes in story flow organically as Robinson takes the time to mostly wrap up each story thread before moving onto the next, instead of cutting away in the middle of the plot. Nicola Scott’s art is as fantastic as it always is, bringing life and detail to all the action.



By showing the battle against the Terrors in flashback instead of live, it gives the big fight scene the book has been building to much less impact. It’s almost as if a lot of detail from the fight was glossed over due to Jay’s fuzzy memory of the events. What should have been a great moment where our new Wonders are placed on the same playing field as Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman ends up a half-remembered retelling of their failure. By going this route, the book starts off shaky, but manages to recover once the action switches to Hawkgirl and the duo of Mr. Miracle and Big Barda.




 Though well-written, the book does occasionally fall flat in the execution of some of it’s more anticipated moments. Still, it is worth a read if only for Nicola Scott’s fantastic art and the organic nature of the storytelling.


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