COLLIDER: Name Change To FBP, Federal Bureau of Physics

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A name change for Vertigo title from Collider to Federal Bureau of Physics. Click the jump to see more.

New Vertigo comic book title, Collider, a sci-fi series where physics is being disrupted on a constant basis. It’s so constant that it’s basically an everyday thing. The first issue of this new series made many fans excited with not only the cool science behind this series, but also the fantastic potential character arcs that will soon be developed by Simon Oliver (writer of Exterminators). The title of this series was so cool and it will now be called Federal Bureau of Physics aka FBP. Collider stuck out, but according to Oliver there are more legal reasons for why the comic book’s name had to change. See below what Oliver had to say:

Yeah these things happen. I think most writers will agree that names are rarely easy, especially with ongoing series, you need to try and sum up the concept not just one story arc, but a whole bunch and put them under the umbrella of some kind of title.

Unfortunately at the eleventh hour someone else seemed to believe they had the name ‘Collider’ staked out and had planted a flag in it before we did. To be honest I haven’t gotten that involved, I don’t know who they are, what their book is about, but I wish them well with it.

Am I 100 % happy about being told to change the name of our book when it’s already been printed and on the trucks? I’d be lying if I said yes. But it’s life, these things happen, you’ve got to learn to take them on the chin and move on.

But on the plus side having to change the name like that, makes you take a look your book, reassess it from a different angle, at a time that maybe you wouldn’t usually be doing that, really get back examine to the nuts and bolts, and kick the tires of what the books really all about.

At the end of the day, it may be a different title, but it’s the same team, and the same book.

With a title like Federal Bureau of PhysicsFBP, will seem a bit more like Men In Black when a comic book fan is looking for a new series so it may excite fans to the title. Robbi Rodriguez (artist), Nathan Fox (cover artist), and Rico Renzi (colorist) artwork on the covers are going to attract fans even more to this title. See  the cover artwork down below.

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Source- MTV Geek

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